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What is tapshare

The Problem: You have thousands of pictures and videos on your phone/PC that you want to share with just family and friends and not strangers.

The Answer: Tapshare. We are a family and friends social network. You can back up your phone and PC media to your tapshare secure vault. Then in a few clicks, create albums like 'Noah's 1st Birthday', 'Our Camping trip' and just share them with certain people. Finally, a safe secure way to share the thousands of pictures and videos on your phone with those you trust.

What is a Tap?

A tap is an image, video, or weblink added to an album on tapshare.

What is an album?

An album is a set of taps. An album can be named anything, 'Our Anniversary', 'Cool Cars' and so on.

What's the difference between a Private and Public album?

A 'Private Album' is an album that only you and those you give permission to can view. A public album can be seen by anyone on the tapshare network. By default, all new albums are set to private, you can change this when setting up an album or in the albums settings.

What is following?

"Following" someone means you'll see that person's albums under the 'Home' button. If they create a new album, you'll automatically follow the new albums, as well. You can follow individual albums if you're only interested in seeing taps being added to specific albums.

You can unfollow people or albums at any time; they will not be notified.

What is the difference between 'liking', 'favorites' and 'saving'?

Liking a tap just lets the author know you liked their tap. The tap isn't saved anywhere in your albums. Marking a tap as a 'favorite' places a copy of it in your favorites album, which only you can see. Saving a tap, allows you to copy the tap to any of your albums, public or private. However, you can only favorite or save public taps, not anyone else's private taps you may have permission to view.

How do I find my albums?

Click on the button labeled 'Profile' after you login to the tapshare app or website. Scroll down, and your public and private albums are all located there. When other users visit your profile, they can see only your public albums and the private ones they have been given access to view by you.

What is the tapshare Vault?

The tapshare vault is your personal storage space or repository for your pictures and videos. You can upload media from your phone or PC. From there you can create albums and share them with others.

How do I upload media from my phone?

When on the app or website, click on the + icon on the top of the site, and you can upload media to your album or vault. You can also click on 'vault' and turn on autosave and everytime you capture media on your device, the tapshare app will upload it automatically to your vault. By default, auto-save will only activate while connected to a wifi network, however, you can also choose to have it activate while you are on a cellular network (carrier charges may apply). You can turn auto-save on and off, by clicking on the menu and then 'auto-save' and following the instructions.

What are topics?

These are taps with a theme assigned. Click on 'Topics' and if you choose to follow 'books', then any taps that have the theme 'books' assigned to them will appear here. You can follow or unfollow topics from the topics page.

What is a friend?

When you invite someone to tapshare by email, and they sign up, they will be automatically added to your friends list. You can remove them as a friend, by visiting their profile and clicking 'unfriend'. You can also visit profiles and click 'friend' and that user will be sent a message letting them know you want to be friends. Once they accept, then you are friends.

Can I allow someone who isn't a friend to view a private album?

Unfortunately you can't. They must first be a friend, then you can give them access to your private album.

How do I give someone access to my private album?

Go to your profile, click on a private album, and click on the icon under the title of the album, that is a symbol of a friend with a plus beside it. From the list of friends, choose whom you want to give access and click 'save changes'

Does it matter how many friends or followers I have?

No. Because we are a friends and family social network, it doesn't matter. Unlike public social networks, which focus on the number of public followers, we are more focused on how many friends and family members you can connect with.

Does tapshare have restrictions on content?

We do not allow pornographic, hateful, or content that actively promotes self-harm on tapshare.

Our nudity policy applies to photographic images, GIFs and videos. It does not apply to illustrations, paintings, sculptures, etc. We do not allow nude photographic images that contain exposed nipples, genitalia, and/or fully exposed buttocks.

Hateful content includes content that attacks a group or individual and/or contains hateful language.

Content that actively creates a risk of mental, emotional, or physical harm to yourself, others, or any animal is also not allowed on tapshare.

We reserve the right to remove this content at our discretion.

For more details on our policies, you can also see our full Terms of Service here:

To report activity in violation of our policy, click here

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