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Forget Candy, Tapshare Gives Trick or Treaters Equity

This Halloween, costumed children around the world will knock on strangers’ doors filling pillowcases with candy.  In the spirit of giving on this spooky holiday, Los Angeles based photo sharing app Tapshare is launching and handing out equity.   Trick or treat!

“Tapshare is the perfect app to release for Halloween.  It’s an easy way to share a Halloween photo album full of crazy costumes,” co-founder Myke Armstrong says, “Instagram is great for sharing a photo, but Tapshare lets you share the experience.”

Tapshare has social photo albums -- photo albums multiple people can add to.  A group of friends can add Halloween costume pics to a single album, "Show me your Halloween costume," for example. Tapshare wants to make sure no photos ever get lost in the haunted camera roll graveyard again.

“We are looking for more people passionate about taking photos, and we're giving away part of the company to them.”

This Halloween, the person who creates a Tapshare photo album with the most photographers in it will win equity.  “If you are enthusiastic about Tapsharing your experiences, we’d love for you to own a part of the company!”

The best Halloween Tapshare albums will be featured in the app.  Get more information, head to

Share those scary Halloween costumes!  Get Tapshare.





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